Most Added Top 100 Favorite Songs for 2018 part 7


Seeing as how the end of the year approaches – we’ve found that for at least we need to finish the endeavour we started out on this spring with our survey of the favorite most added trax for the year 2018 so we can start a similar countdown for this year in 2020. We reconnect to the start of the countdown at no 100 and we will publish one show a day till we reach that number one song for 2018. This is part 5 numbers 40-31

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Most Added 03/23 2019

Most Added was ready for publishing on Sunday afternoon. File could not be published before the aforementioned technical disorder had been resolved. This episode contains the Bears Den’s most added single breaker “Laurel Wreath”, the number one song in Russia, UK, future hits of Holland, Germany and France and of course the brand new no 1 song all across the world! ASAP, the programs of last Sunday’s Classic Weekend and last Friday’s Next Added will be published.

Station Cat Sixten looks increasingly sad since young lady Maja has taken over in popularity in both the home and in the studio! Poor little darling!

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